We Advocate Impact Investing.

We're advocates for-profit organizations and nonprofit projects that support young social innovators, because leveraging what is already being done effectively is a strong catalyst for expansion.

Our Mission

As popularity and momentum continues to grow around responsible investments, we beleive the moment is right to focus on what can be done to increase investments in social entreprenurial projects.

About Us

Our Concept

Our strategies incorporate the best features of philanthropy-serving the unmet capital needs of gifted and talented children by supporting programs that address the education capital access problem.

About Us

Our Purpose

We are a global community of like-minded educators, philanthropists, corporate champions, parents, students and concerned citizens celebrating nonprofits vested in social entrepreneurial projects.

About Us


The Be Remarkable Projects brings together finance-minded private sector participants with socially-oriented stakeholders, including social entrepreneurs and community investment actors.

About Us

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