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Every child deserves to have his or her academic and socio-emotional needs met. We support initiatives that raise public awareness of diverse challenges faced by organizations supporting the needs of gifted and talented students.

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Artistic and intellectual genius among children, does not gather the same level of public support as have other forms of children related issues. We generate private capital to help fill funding gaps for gifted & talented children programs.

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For the future:

Confining students to educational environments they don't find challenging or supportive doesn't give them the tools necessary to become the creators, the leaders, nor the involved members of the 21st century global community.

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For educational best practices:

Teachers trained to work with gifted learners benefit all students. Many successful learning strategies now touted in regular classrooms due to their benefits in flexible grouping and academic rigor actually originated in gifted education.

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GT education is important:

We are focused on social innovation investing with underlying responsibilities tasked to supporting gifted and talented students as social innovators; and the nonprofits that service them.

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For meeting children's needs:

Gifted learners from disadvantaged backgrounds are particularly dependent on public schools to meet their educational needs, but these students are also especially likely to be unidentified and undeserved.