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"Although gifted and talented learners are in every school and in every segment of the student population, talent-find mechanisms have not systematically tried to find promising learners from less than promising circumstances."

Joyce VanTassel-Baska, President of the National Association of Gifted Children.

We help ensure all children, particularly those identified as under-priviledged gifted children, receive the resources and encouragement they deserve to become socially minded contributors of their talent to the community at-large.

Here are 8 things the world must understand about gifted children-PDF


We challenge and encourage gifted and talented students to reach their maximum potential, as life-long learners who become exceptional global citizens.

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With your help we can bring public awareness to the endeavors of exceptional teachers and institutions providing gifted and talented children with tangible resources.

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We help support nonprofit efforts to build capability as real-world social organizations who are immersing exceptional young learners in an enhanced curriculum!

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We exist to help students that may be underachievers, twice exceptional and represent underserved groups who have not had a nurturing environment to bring out their true talents.


The Angels Among Us

Be Remarkable Fundssupporting the needs of underserved gifted children.

Financial support to nonprofit G&T organizations and educational programs.

Always Be RemarkableThe power to inspire.

"We provide measurable benefit to educational institutions and nonprofits serving the needs of gifted and talented children."

James e. Woody, Co-Founder